In order to commemorate Aster DM Healthcare completing 30 years, here is a brief video highlighting all the activities that were undertaken by Aster Volunteers and [email protected] over the last 12 months. These activities include: Medical and BLS camps, Collection of pulses for relief support, Support for Syrian Refugees in Jordan, Heartfully Yours campaign, Food for Africa, -1 Degree Water Campaign, DNRD Medical camp and BLS training activity, My India Healthy India, The Good Samaritan Event, Blood Donation activities, Al Amal-The Hope, How Sweet Are You? – World Diabetic Day and many more.
A big thank you all our internal and external volunteers, whose time and energy made it possible for all these events and campaigns to be carried out successfully. And with the dawn of a new year, we are resolved to organize and conduct even more events and campaigns to help those in need and make a difference in people’s lives all across the world and to ensure that the world is a happier and healthier place to live in. Join us today to help make a difference in someone’s life