125 Aster Volunteers from WIMS, Wayanad brought aid and hope to 17 isolated regions and 44 villages

When the water rose, Wayanad faced the worst of it. Its isolated landscape meant that traversing the water-logged land was nearly impossible. The people were cut off from the help they needed. But they persevered, thanks to the volunteering spirit of the people. Aster Volunteers from Aster WIMS, Wayanad joined the efforts, creating a significant impact for many a life.

After conducting medical camps across 44 villages, they went to the hard-to-reach parts of the district and helped 17 isolated colonies fight the floods off. 17 vehicles left the hospital – stocked with medicine and hope. They distributed food and relief materials to ensure that even at the worst hour, the people were taken care of.

125 Aster Volunteers helped 18,545 people with relief and recovery and treated 1733 people with emergency medical aid. Together, they embodied the spirit of volunteering and went where others couldn’t. Their efforts at a time when Kerala needed it the most is praiseworthy and something we should all aspire to meet.

I joined Aster Volunteers at a time when Kerala was facing an unprecedented disaster. The floods caused several landslides across Kerala, leading to many losing their homes, crops, earnings, and even lives. The people were crying for help on the wake of the devastation. It was then that I saw the impact Aster Volunteers can make.

The people were isolated, with no access to the outside world. We walked miles with the relief kits and everyone pitched in to help them find aid and rehabilitation. Being a part of the team helped me understand the magnitude of the floods but it also made me proud of my contribution to helping Kerala when it needed it the most.

Mr. Muhammed Basheer

Aster Volunteer, DM WIMS