Aster Volunteers from Aster MIMS, Calicut helped over 550 flood-affected people get emergency medical aid

Dear Asterians,

When the worst floods in a century hit Kerala, among the many that were affected were the people of Calicut; and to help them, were the Aster Volunteers from Aster MIMS, Calicut.

Several people were displaced after their homes became uninhabitable and some needed emergency medical treatment. Those who lived in the remote and isolated parts of the district found it next to impossible to get aid. Aster Volunteers joined the many helping hands on-ground and conducted 20 medical camps in Calicut and 12 in Wayanad. They also provided relief materials to 3 isolated colonies in Wayanad. Over 170 Aster Volunteers helped clean up a famous landmark through Operation Canoly Canal, where the floods left the canal clogged and prevented water flow.

Together, they nursed 550 people back to health and impacted many more. 8 vehicles were mobilised to ensure aid reached those who needed it when they needed it. They raised close to 2 lakh rupees through individual contributions and all the hospital employees donated a day’s salary to aid the relief efforts in the state.

Stories such as this, where compassion trumps hardship is what pushes us all forward. The examples set by our volunteers is one we should all aspire to follow.