A promise of hope, love, and a future for the flood-affected families of Kerala.

Kerala is home to many of us and there is no greater calling for us today than helping rebuild the state. Our volunteers have been on the ground since day-one, ensuring that help found its way to those who needed it most – be it medical aid, relief materials, or food packets. The tireless efforts of over 650 Aster Volunteers have helped more than 51,000 lives find care amidst the chaos. The next step for us is to help rebuild the infrastructure – starting with the homes of those who lost everything to nature’s fury.

Aster Homes is an initiative by Aster Volunteers in partnership with the Government of Kerala. The project will help build new homes for those who lost their homes and repair the extensively damaged ones for those with documentation from local authorities.

Help Desk

Aster MIMS Calicut

Mirswad A

[email protected]
+91 98475 60848

WIMS Wayanad

Basheer Muhammed

[email protected]
+91 97442 82362

Aster Medcity Cochin

Latheef Kasim

[email protected]
+91 48466 99250

Aster Mims Kottakkal

Mushthaque Ali U K

[email protected]
+91 97477 43879

Application Form

Application Form (Offline)

*Last date for Applying is on or before November 10th, 2018