Mobile Medical Units

Mobile Medical Units have been introduced into service to provide primary medical care to people living in remote areas where medical facilities are inadequate.


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Active Projects

Aster Homes

Lives Impacted: 1000+ people

As the people of Kerala get back on their feet, it’s time to rebuild - starting with their homes. Aster Homes will help rehabilitate or rebuild homes that were wholly or partially affected by the Kerala floods. We need volunteers to help execute this project.

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Child Health Initiatives

Every day, accidents claim the lives of around 2,000 children worldwide.
In order to educate parents about the seriousness of this issue, Aster CMI Hospital Bangalore is launching a book on child safety, titled "Playful". Written by Chetan Genigeron, the book will educate parents about safety both at home and outside it. And what's more, all the proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the Aster Sick Kids (ASK) Foundation.

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Kolhapur Flood Relief

Community Development & Support

As the floods affect different regions of Kolhapur, we need volunteers to come forward and extend support. The heavy rains have forced people to evacuate, many homes have also been destroyed. Join us in our movement to provide both medical and non-medical aid to the victims affected by the floods.

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Care for Kerala

Community Development & Support

Torrential rains are taking a heavy toll across western India and Kerala in particular is again paying a heavy price. Wayanad district in Kerala in particular is the state's worst-affected area and is in urgent need of relief supplies. Aster Volunteers is once again rising to the occasion and crossing difficult terrain to bring aid to the victims of the floods.

We need your help to ensure that those Wayanad residents who have had to flee their homes to save their lives can have the basic necessities of food, water, medical supplies and sanitation met.

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Be Young at Heart Marathon

Community Development & Support

On the occasion of World Heart Day, Aster Volunteers is organizing 5K and 10 K runs across different geographies. The 'Be Young at Heart' marathon will be held on the 29th of September in India and the 27th of September in GGC countries. Let's run together and celebrate good health and healthy living.

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