Mobile Medical Units

Mobile Medical Units have been introduced into service to provide primary medical care to people living in remote areas where medical facilities are inadequate.


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Active Projects

K S Chithra - Nightingale Sings for Children

Child Health Initiatives

A musical evening in the aid of Aster KIND and Aster Sick Kids Foundation to raise funds for the treatment of disabled and critically ill children. Please come together to make this event a success on 15 Nov 2019 at Zamra International Convention Centre, Kochi from 5.30 pm - 10.30 pm. For details and bookings, contact: 04846699250/ 7736648407

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Healthy Kids, Brighter Future

Child Health Initiatives

This Children’s Day, we are conducting a medical camp for underprivileged children, along with a whole day of fun games and activities for them. We need volunteers like you to join us in helping organise the activities and making this a day they’ll never forget.

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Community Connect

Multiple Locations

Aster Community Connect wants to better lives through providing livelihoods, medical aid, employment, free surgeries and more. And we do this through the help of our volunteers and partners. We will continue telling these stories of good that touched hearts and healed the one community we are all a member of - humanity.

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Aster Homes

Lives Impacted: 1000+ people

As the people of Kerala get back on their feet, it’s time to rebuild - starting with their homes. Aster Homes will help rehabilitate or rebuild homes that were wholly or partially affected by the Kerala floods. We need volunteers to help execute this project.

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