Chapter One

Child Health Initiatives,Community Development & Suppor...
Lives Impacted: 60

Showing children the way of kindness.

Before Aster Hospital, Al Qusais opened its doors, we invited the changemakers of tomorrow to create a testament for the world to see. Around 60 children planted trees inside the campus and created ‘Wahdah’ - an art installation.

‘Wahdah’ is a promise made by children from different walks of life, united in the message that we can only affect kindness in the world outside if we are kind from within.

The children worked, played, and learned together as they used their imagination and creativity to fill the artwork with colors and hope. The piece now stands as a reminder for us all to be kind, inclusive, and unbiased; or simply put - humane.

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World Cancer Day

Child Health Initiatives, Community Development & Suppor
Lives Impacted: 200+

This World Cancer Day, the Wishing Tree bore fruit.

This World Cancer Day, Aster Volunteers across Aster Hospitals from Kolhapur, Qatar, Calicut, Kottakkal, Oman, Hyderabad,

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Heart To Heart Band

Disabled Community Empowerment
Lives Impacted: NA

The band that plays not just for ears, but hearts too.

Meet Muthu, Jaymohan and Benny, the three extraordinary talents that make up Heart to Heart, the resident band at Aster

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Aster Homes

Lives Impacted: 1000+ people

As the people of Kerala get back on their feet, it’s time to rebuild - starting with their homes. Aster Homes will help rehabilitate or rebuild homes that were wholly or partially affected by the Kerala floods. We need volunteers to help execute this project.

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Child Health Initiatives

Every day, accidents claim the lives of around 2,000 children worldwide.
In order to educate parents about the seriousness of this issue, Aster CMI Hospital Bangalore is launching a book on child safety, titled "Playful". Written by Chetan Genigeron, the book will educate parents about safety both at home and outside it. And what's more, all the proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the Aster Sick Kids (ASK) Foundation.

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Diva 2.0


Diva 2.0 - Women Empowered is an initiative to recognise and celebrate the hard work of women from across the world. To be held on March 22nd, 2019 it will be a special event for 100 women blue-collar workers, who will be treated to a full day of health, wellness, and entertainment.

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Mega BLS Training Drive By Aster Medcity

Medical and Wellness Camps

A simple decision taken at the right time can save a life.
Aster Medcity is undertaking a multi-city Basic Life Support training drive across Kerala for the Anganwadi workers of Ernakulam, Alleppey, & Idukki districts. Empowering people with knowledge that can save lives.

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Meet Aishwarya Krishna, a student of psychology from Deakins University, Australia. She has volunteered for one event with Aster Volunteers, but was so inspired that she has resolved to keep giving back to the community whenever she can.

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Aishwarya Krishna

Manoj is a Learning & Development executive, who was inspired to take up volunteering by the promise of helping someone out selflessly and because he was curious about seeing life from the perspective of those who need help the most.

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Manoj Kumar Sundaram

Passion is at the heart of volunteering says student volunteer Darshan. It’s not about how you feel, rather about how you make others feel. And he is one of our oldest members, offering his time right from when Aster Volunteers was established.

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Darshan Murali

Poornima is a senior executive who has been following the various events conducted by Aster Volunteers closely and hoping that the platform would open up to external volunteers from outside of the Aster organisation.

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Poornima Seetharaman

A fourth year student at Gulf Medical University, Nitha has always wanted to participate in volunteering events to serve the community. The opportunity to help those less fortunate than her has made her less self-centred and more aware of the blessings in her own life.

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Nitha Zulfiquar

Taking inspiration from the courage and dedication of Aster Volunteers, Rana decided to become one herself. She feels blessed for the privilege to help people around her who may be struggling.

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Rana Fanek

A senior software developer working for Nokia Networks in Bangalore, Sagar has wholeheartedly participated in various initiatives with Aster Volunteers. From providing computer and English coaching lessons to underprivileged children to actively volunteering in the Aid Kerala mission, there's no stopping Sagar.

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A senior marketing and business development executive by profession, Azza believes in the ancient wisdom of the proverb “A selfless act is an eternal act”. She has been an Aster Volunteer for 1.5 years and is grateful for the opportunity to help many through the platform.

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Azza Al Rubeiay

Azif Abdul Rahman has been volunteering with Aster for over 3 years. An internal audit professional, he made a conscious decision to spend less time on Facebook and YouTube and instead dedicate his free time towards doing good.

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Azif Abdul Rahman

Ebtsam is an insurance clerk who has been volunteering for 1 year with Aster. It has helped her discover the unconditional joy a few small actions from her can bring out in the life of others. To her, this is a feeling beyond happiness.

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Ebtsam Jouma Albuloshi