When the rains poured, and the floods rose in Kerala, we saw thousands of Aster volunteers risk their lives in the rain and give life a second chance. We saw them band together in the name of humanity and show us all what it means to live a life of service. We saw heroes wherever we looked, and today, we salute every one of them. Thank you, for being a kind light for many in these trying times.

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Welcome to Aster Volunteers. If you have come here, it means two things. You need help. Or you want to help. Either way, we are happy to have you


lives impacted



For all the good hearts within the medical fraternity.
You can offer to help in the service you specialize in
and restore someone’s belief in humanity.


For all the good hearts outside the medical fraternity.
Your free time can male a difference to someone else.

Operation Canolly Canal

 Kerala |  2018-08-28

Blood Donation Camp

 Bengaluru|  2017-06-16

Celebrating People

 Kerala |  2017-06-16


Success Stories

Aster Volunteers Aid – Kolhapur to Kerala

Among the many hands that reached forward to pull Kerala back on her feet, there were a few that reached all the way from Kolhapur. When the floods came, 5 volunteers from Aster Aadhar drove a thousand miles to ensure that...

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Aster Volunteers Aid for Kerala

When the rains poured and the floods rose, many of us living far away could only stand by and watch. But what we saw was nothing short of amazing. We saw thousands of volunteers risk their lives in the rain and give life a...

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