child's health initiative

Our four pillars of service

What is the best way to align our goals and scope of work? That is the question we were faced with. There are various avenues through which we can create a positive impact in a person's life. The first step was to identify and define these channels.


(Health for All)

Includes all initiatives that bridges the healthcare access between the haves and have-nots through free or subsidised procedures and treatments


(Being Human)

Medical and non-medical initiatives that drive us to participate and empathise with the community and help improve their health and happiness



Completely non-medical, it includes all training and skilling initiatives to increase employment and income generation to sustain livelihoods in a community



Disaster response is one of the leading areas in which volunteers contribute to society and development. The impact of volunteers during a crisis is immense as the extent of damage in terms of human loss is greatly influenced by their initial response.

Four pillars of Aster Volunteers


  • Medical Camps (Screening)
  • Medical Camps (Advanced Speciality)
  • Need Analysis And Community Survey
  • Mobile Medical Services
  • Sponsorship (Treatment)
  • Sponsorship (Education)
  • Sponsorship (Food)
  • Sponsorship (Dress)
  • Sponsorship (Medicine, Medical Consumables,Medical Equipment)
  • Sponsorship (Gadgets)
  • CSR Projects (Partnership/


  • Child Care
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Environmental Protection Programs
  • Green Initiatives
  • Hygiene, Cleaning
  • Camps Events
  • Event Management &
  • Co-ordinations
  • Control
  • Village Camps
  • Entertainments


  • BLS Awareness
  • ACL Awareness Training
  • Training For People of Determination (Special Needs)
  • Training Skill Development and Livelihood
  • Training-Career Development


  • Materials Donation
  • Donation
  • Pandemic Care
  • Vaccination Care
  • Field Camps
  • Accident & Trauma Care