We are located in India, Middle East & Philipines.
You can visit our Contact Us page for more details.
No, at the moment it's only for India, Middle East & Philippines, however, if we have plans of offering, we will let you know.
Yes, Aster Volunteers is an official charity service. It's a non profit service we are providing.
No, Volunteering is free. We don't charge or Pay.
No, There's no financial obligations for requesting help.
No, we don't offer any compensation or reimbursement for volunteering.
We have a moderation process after the registeration. Once you are qualified after screening your entry, you will receive a confirmation email for the same.
Please share your name or registered email address and we'll check it and get back to you.
The volunteers help isn't currently available in your area. We will notify you once we receive a request for help within your area.
You can still Volunteer in the program. There's no conflict of interest since this is a non profit activity.
No, there's no limit of help received from our volunteers.
Unfortunately we don't have any financial support at the moment.