My India Healthy India And My India Healthy India 2.0

Lives Impacted:

National cleanliness drive conducted in India.

My India Healthy India 1.0, was a mission driven by our chairman Dr. Moopen, who on the 70th anniversary of Indian independence was inspired to do something more, something special, other than merely hoisting a flag.

And that something special was to undertake an awareness drive about the health risks posed by unclean neighborhoods. But that’s not all, Aster Volunteers participated in the actual cleaning up of many locations across Bangalore, Hyderabad and many more.

Aster Volunteers organised the 2nd installment of this country-wide cleanliness drive, My India, Happy India 2.0, to commemorate 71 years of our great nation’s independence.

On August 15th, 2018, 8 locations - Kochi, Kozhikode, Kottakkal, Hyderaybad, Bengaluru, Kolhapur, Vijayawada, and Wayanad, all saw over 1,000 Aster Volunteers come together to take up the challenging work of cleaning up their part of India.

They undertook various cleaning and sanitation activities under the umbrella ‘My India Healthy India’. This will be a recurring event, conducted in partnership with external NGOs and volunteers.

Abdul Shabad Hakeem volunteered for the medical camp and food distribution initiatives in Mankhool. Volunteering has been an interesting experience for him since he not only learned something new e

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Abdul Shabad Hakeem-Phlebotomist

Having participated in various Covid-19 relief activities like food and gift distribution and responding to distress calls, Kishore Sudhakaran learned a lot about responsibility. It also gave him i

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Kishore Sudhakaran-Mechanical Engineer

Sarfras Navas was involved with distributing of food kits and a blood donation camp in Rashidiya. He expressed satisfaction in lending helping hand and in turn, being a hero to someone in times of

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Sarfras Navas - Engineer

The Covid-19 Ramadan initiatives were the focus of Sreehari Vidhyal’s volunteering endeavours. He expressed how working with Aster Volunteers was a satisfying and special experience.

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Sreehari Vidhyal-Sales Executive

By delivering food kits and verifying people at screening camps, Muhammed Rifas was able to build a sense of commitment and responsibility to society. This also makes him feel self-satisfied and ho

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Muhammed Rifas - Draughtsman

Shareef Kabeer had a great experience distributing food kits and volunteering during the Covid-19 crisis. He also felt the joy in giving and helping people around him.

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Shareef Kabeer-Salesman

From Al Karama, Dubai, Arifa Hassan was able to participate in a blood donation camp held by Aster Volunteers. During her time volunteering, she learned how better to coordinate with a team of peop

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Arifa Hassan

This coordinator from Sharjah volunteered for distributing food kits to people nearby. He enjoyed the experience of volunteering and the joy of helping others.

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Noble Thomas

Being present at the Covid-19 screening camps and distributing food kits as well, Sunanda Jayakumar is undoubtedly a brave volunteer. She was able to help several people in Burdubai and learned how

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Sunanda Jayakumar

Even though Rahees Adamkutty is new to volunteering, he was able to help in Aster Volunteers’ Covid-19 Ramadan relief initiatives and provide tele counselling services as well. He helped many

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Rahees Adamkutty

From collecting blood samples to distributing food, Abdul Muthalib Arayalan has been an indispensable member of the community during the pandemic. He has been able to change many lives with his tir

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Abdul Muthalib Arayalan

A senior marketing and business development executive by profession, Azza believes in the ancient wisdom of the proverb “A selfless act is an eternal act”. She has been an Aster Volunte

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Azza Al Rubeiay

Azif Abdul Rahman has been volunteering with Aster for over 3 years. An internal audit professional, he made a conscious decision to spend less time on Facebook and YouTube and instead dedicate his

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Azif Abdul Rahman

Ebtsam is an insurance clerk who has been volunteering for 1 year with Aster. It has helped her discover the unconditional joy a few small actions from her can bring out in the life of others. To h

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Ebtsam Jouma Albuloshi

There is no greater privilege than being able to help someone in need, says Abhijit Gavali. A doctor by profession, he began working at an Aster Adhar Hospital in Kolhapur and has participated in v

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Abhijit Gavali

Manjushree is a clinical counsellor and academic coordinator. When she began getting actively involved with Aster Volunteers activities, she discovered the potential of contributing to her communit

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Manjushree Maheshkumar Pardeshi

Ayesha has been a part of Aster Volunteer initiatives since 2013. She works in an administerial position as a manager and her involvement with Aster Volunteers helps her deal with stress by giving

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Ayesha Samir Raut

Meet Aishwarya Krishna, a student of psychology from Deakins University, Australia. She has volunteered for one event with Aster Volunteers, but was so inspired that she has resolved to keep giving

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Aishwarya Krishna

Manoj is a Learning & Development executive, who was inspired to take up volunteering by the promise of helping someone out selflessly and because he was curious about seeing life from the pers

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Manoj Kumar Sundaram

Passion is at the heart of volunteering says student volunteer Darshan. It’s not about how you feel, rather about how you make others feel. He is one of our oldest members, offering his time

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Darshan Murali

Poornima is a senior executive who has been following the various events conducted by Aster Volunteers closely and hoping that the platform would open up to external volunteers from outside of the

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Poornima Seetharaman

A fourth year student at Gulf Medical University, Nitha has always wanted to participate in volunteering events to serve the community. The opportunity to help those less fortunate than her has mad

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Nitha Zulfiquar

Taking inspiration from the courage and dedication of Aster Volunteers, Rana decided to become one herself. She feels blessed for the privilege to help people around her who may be struggling.

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Rana Fanek

A senior software developer working for Nokia Networks in Bangalore, Sagar has wholeheartedly participated in various initiatives with Aster Volunteers. From providing computer and English coaching

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